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Schedule your Appointment Universal Laser Center®  is a Trademark Registered services, filed in  the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office providing Laser Hair Removal services and laser therapy for treating medical conditions like Nail Fungus, Pain Management, Acne and laser therapy for treating nicotine addiction and aiding in weight loss. Universal Laser Center is a Medical Spa placed in a Beauty Facility specialized in Facial Skin Rejuvenation and Body Treatment. For more than ten years Universal Laser has been developing different treatment protocols for Cellulite Reduction with excellent results. As a Rejuvenation Center we provide a latest aesthetic technology to reduce the aging signs and reduce your apparent age. We work for you to improve your appearance, look younger and feel better using the latest technology.



Laser Hair Removal is the most common procedure performing at Universal Laser Center for both sex male and female. Although laser may apply to all area of the body female ask for Face, Bikini, Underarm and Legs, and male for Face, Back and Chest. Permanent Hair Reduction for unwanted hair is our jobs. Our laser devices is good for type of skin, and removing hair safely and effectively. Laser may apply in all area of the body that include large, medium and small area. Laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair, but is suitable for all skin type.