Body Sculpting

bodysculptin with different aesthetic procedures

Universal Laser Center applies the latest technologie for clients seeking body shaping with  non-invasive aesthetic procedures and for those who want to remove bulk through liposuction or body contouring surgical procedure. Although diet and exercise are probably the best way to slim down and tone, many persons look for faster technique to fix body's proportions and curves that may affect both body image and self-confidence.

Body Shape is different for each persons but there are some procedures that can help to you with your desire type of body shape. We have years of experience performing Endermologie for Cellulite treatment and body shaping with good results. Since energy devices have been introduced in the aesthetic practices Universal Laser Center has been incorporate the latest technology to improve our results. These technologies have a broad range of system to remove fat, sculpting and reduce cellulite in quick and effective maner.

At Universal Laser Center you can find some of this type of technology that include: radio frequency, cavitation as ultrasound devices, Endermologie, and other body treatment such as Body Wrapping, Yesoterapia, Parafango and Laser Liposuction to remove an excessive amount of fat undesirable. Laser assisted-liposuction provoke less trauma and faster healing times compared to traditional surgical procedure of liposuction. If you want to rest your body faster, this is your best choice.

After you evaluation the Universal Laser Center' staff can give you our recommendation about wich technique is better for you according your shape, cellulite level and your body composition analysis results.

SpineForce is another technology that we use to improve the body shape.  SpineForce gives the body a more slender look and more elegant form. With the Spineforce you can improves posture and contour by suppling a sleek appearance and more toned physique. 

The therapeutic treatment with spineforce could be obtain a variation in body fat around a 10% and a reduction waist of 3 cm.

This machine tones and firms the physique improving stature, preventing the onset of debilitating structural conditions like osteoporosis and conditions the foundation for a more healthy body.



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