Endermologie a Cellulite Treatment

Universal Laser Center is providing Endermologie for Cellulite treatment, it is one of the best procedure approved for cellulite reduction. Endermologie was introduce in United State from Europe in the early 1990 by LPG System a trade mark registration. Endermologie is a mechanized technique that combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin surface increaasing the blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage and smooth the appereance of cellulite.  Endermologie is acknowledged by leading experts to be one of the most effective cellulite treatments with masses of clinical data supporting this.  As well as being such an effective tool in body shaping and minimising cellulite, Endermologie offer many other applications and benefits in the fields of sport and therapeutics. 

Treatments last for approximately 35 minutes and leave you feeling relaxed an soothed - a feeling similar to having a very deep tissue massage. There is no pain no downtime experience. The skin is quickly transformed to silky smooth.  Just one treatment can be beneficial but if treating cellulite a course of 6-12 treatments is necessary to see effective results. At Universal Laser Center we combine the LPG protocols with our experiencie, more than 10 years performing cellulite reduction treatment, with different procedures using a light based and ultrasound technologies and other mechanical linfatic drainage system. In your first visit time required is approximately one hour and begin with a complete evaluation of your cellulite problem. After define the distribution and cellulite type, our certified technician proceed to the cellulite classification and perform the measurement of some part of your body and your body composition analysis,  in order to develop the specific treatment protocol for you cellulite redution treatment plan. Bodysuit is requiered for endermologie treatment. Endermologie is a non-invasive, pleasant treatment for cellulite that really works!

Body treatment and Cellulite reduction at Universal Laser CenterEndermologie treatment

Endermologie ProtocolBody treatment with Endermologie



Cellulite TreatmentEndermologie Protocol

Endermologie Protocol at Universal Laser CenterEndermologie LPG Protocol




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