PresotherapyIs an exclusive detoxifying treatment, which through effective lymphatic drainage, helps to promote the body's natural toxin clearing functions. The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone. Presotherapy helps to reduce water retention, stimulates blood circulation and eliminates toxins through stimulation of linfatic drainages. Properly blood circulation prevent swelling of internal body tissues and 

Treatment is performing with computarized machine that produce air pressure producing a gentle and soft vibrating massage safe and confortable during approximately 35 minutes, promoting the normal flow of lymphatic system reflux and help to drain the toxin. This procedure is useful in cellulite treatment because increase the system's ability to remove toxins and infectious materials also tissue receive enough oxygen to help restore any damaged tissues and make the skin feel tighter and prevent loose or floppy skin



Cellulite Treatment

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