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 Universal Laser Center®  is a Trademark Registered services, filed in  the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office providing Laser Hair Removal services and laser therapy for treating medical conditions like Nail Fungus, Pain Management, Acne and laser therapy for treating nicotine addiction and aiding in weight loss. Universal Laser Center is a Medical Spa placed in a Beauty Facility specialized in Facial Skin Rejuvenation and Body Treatment. For more than ten years Universal Laser has been developing different treatment protocols for Cellulite Reduction with excellent results. As a Rejuvenation Center we provide a latest aesthetic technology to reduce the aging signs and reduce your apparent age. We work for you to improve your appearance, look younger and feel better using the latest technology.

Laser Nail Fungus Therapy

Nail Fungus laser Treatment in Miami FloridaNail fungal infection is a chronic condition that affects toenails and fingernails. There are a variation of over 200 different types of fungus but Trichophytons and Candida Albicans are the most frequently cause of fungus infection. About 50% of nail diseases are not fungal, a proper diagnosis is crucial before decide to begin antifungal therapy. Toenail fungus are common in humans and increasing with advancing age.

There are many products available to cure nail fungus. However, some of them include some risk of further problems, some don’t and will never work, and some people just have the problem of poor health that leads to continued infection. At Universal Laser Center we are perfoming Laser Nail Fungus treatment that is a great new solution to treat toenail fungus. Most people treated in laser clinics are cured, althought failures can sometimes results, like severe long standing fungus infection, poor circulation, nail plates injury and because of professional preparation and level of experience of the laser professional.

What Causes Nail Fungus?

Every day we meet many different microbes, microorganisms and bacterial. This is a normal part of life. Some of these turn out to be nail fungus spores. Most of the time, these are inoffensive as they are easily washed away. But if they manage to get into or under your nails, then they become challenging.

When the spore gets itself into a warm, dark, moist place on your body (most usually your nails because they have that extra benefit of being a good shield from the world) they are able to grow and multiply, instigating that nasty look of yellowing and thickness everyone associates with a nail fungus contagion.
As the invasion by the fungus progresses, so do the symptoms of nail fungus infection. The nail begins to become spoiled and can even get so dramatic to the point where it crumbles or flakes away. This is most common in toenails because they spend so much time wrapped in socks and shoes, which creates a great breeding atmosphere for the fungus.

toenail Fungus laser treatment in Miami Florida

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Universal Laser Center is offering a therapeutic laser treatment for nail fungus removal. Laser treatment for nail fungus is a revolutionary breakthrough procedure in treating nail fungus infection. Laser battle the infection in your nail with light energy (Laser) at a medical level evaporate the spores that is causing the damage in the nail, the procedure with Gentle Yag machine will be repeated every 7 days, the time for the tissues to heal without the infection, depends on the actual conditions in your nails to find a cure in one cycle of 4 session or more. 

Come to your session at Universal Laser Center without polish, polish is flammable and it can produce burns.

 You can book your appointment at Universal Laser Center online or by phone. We are open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m, Monday thru Friday. At Universal Laser Center the following phone lines are available to book your visit, confirm appointments , ask question about this procedure.    PH: (305) 261-3433         PH: (305) 814-9772        

 Laser Nail Fungus treatment is not cover for any insurance in the State of Florida.


It's important to be kind to our feet, which get us through our daily routine of walking up stairs, running to catch trains, and kicking down doors. 



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