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Skin Rejuvenation

Hydrafacial a microdermabrasion techniqueLearn about the new signature treatment to improve even more your skin tone and texture. 

There is a visible quick turnaround in your skin to show your beautify face at any event or just going out with your love one. This signature procedure at Universal Laser Center become your skin face brilliant and smooth, so give us a call and make your next appointment soon.

Deep Hydrofacial is a combination of abrasion and hydration in one cool session with skin care specialist that will be using a meticulous technique to archive maximum results from a deep hydration and exfoliation using a new system of microdermabrasion with fluid where a type of diamond, fluid and a weak chemical solution are combined with vitamin or other nutritive skin care product.



PRP treatment at Universal Laser Center in Miami

 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

This procedure is applied after processed the own blood of the client to use the growth factor released by the concentrated platelet in order to accelerate the healing process after the application of some of the micro needles technique such as:

  • Derma pen or other professional microneedle pen
  • Derma-roller
  • Intradermal injection

PRP may be applied on facial areas (upper and lower), Neck areas, Hands.

Ask for monthly PRP special discount 




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