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Hydrofacial at Universal Laser Center

Hydrofacial at Universal Laser Center

Hydrafacial Before and After Results

Before we have state how Hydrafacial Treatment helps all skin types to improve the appareance. We present in the following docuement before and after pictures of  Hydrafacial Treatment

acne hyperpigmentation acne in the back pre treatmet burn pre treatment
finelines pre nasalfolds pre hyperpig cheek_pre

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Acne and Hyperpigmentation before treatment Same Patient post 4 treatment of Hydrafacial

Hispanic Female, 4 treatments within an 11-week period
Modality used: HydraFacial™; serums used: Activ-4™, Beta HD™ & Antiox-6™

Decreased appearance of brown spots
Skin texture more refined 
Skin tone visibly lighter and more even 
Breakouts eliminated in oily areas

Patient with acne spots in his back pre- treatment Same Patient Post Treatment Results

Caucasian Male, Teenager, 2 treatments within a 3-week period 
Modalities used: HydraFacial™, Red/Blue LED Lights; serums used: Activ-4™, Beta-HD™, Antiox-6™

Reduced acne
Improved sebum control
Extracted blackheads & open comedones
Reduced inflammation 



Patient with Burn Skin by Sun Same Patient with Burn Skin post treatment

Hispanic Male, 1 treatment 
Modality used: HydraFacial™; serums used: Activ-4™

Visibly improved burn mark
Skin tone looked more even

Patient with fine lines Same Patient with fine lines post treatment

Hispanic Female, 4 treatments with 3 weeks apart 
Modality used: HydraFacial™; Serum used: Activ-4™

Decreased appearance of fine lines & hyperpigmentation
Skin texture more refined 
Visibly hydrated

hyperpigmentation cheek Pre Treatment hyperpigmentation cheek Post Treatment

Hispanic Female, 7 treatments over a 4-month period
Modality used: HydraFacial™; Serums used: Activ-4™, Beta-HD™ & Antiox-6™

Reduced appearance of brown spots
Skin texture more refined
Skin tone visibly lighter and more even
Skin visibly more hydrated

nasal folds pre- Treatment nasal folds post 5 treatments

Caucasian Female, 5 treatments within a 6-week period
Modalities used: HydraFacial™ with Red LED Light; Serum used: Activ-4™

Softened appearance of fine lines & nasal folds
Visibly reduced skin irritation
Refined & decongested pores


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