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Skin Soft Mask After A Microdermabrasion

Skin Soft Mask for Skin Care at Universal Laser Center

After a Microdermabrasion session we give the option to our customers to choose from different professional skin mask that will complement the microdermabrasion, adding moisturize and other benefits to your skin.

The following French Mask Available for $ 19.99 (15 Minutes Extra for application and Rest)


Banna Soft Mask after a Microdermabrasion or laser skin rejuvenation Blanna Soft Mask

Anti-Sensitive Soft Mask (Geranium)

Skin Type: sensitive , all skin types.

Ingredients: camolite, lavender essence , globeflower, aloe, honey, collage.

Effective: Diminish inflammation, sterilization, strengthen function of skin, promote skin, improve sensitive skin’s immunotherapy .


Honey Soft Mask (by Kev.c) Honey Soft Mask Optional After a Microdermabrasion Or Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Type: sensitive , all skin types.

Ingredients: Honey extract, aloe vera, various of plant essence.

Effective: Moisturize, Age spots, calm irritation


Fruit Acid Soft Mask Fruit Acid Soft Mask (By Kev.c)

Skin Type: All skin types.

Ingredients: Natural AHA, Aloe vera powder, various fruit essence.

Effective: Rejuvenating, metabolism promoting, calm irritation


Lime Soft Mask (By Kev.C) Lime Soft Mask

Skin Type: all skin types.

Ingredients: Lime extract, aloe vera powder, various of plant essence.

Effective: Moisturize, toning & Balance, calm irritation

Caution: Irritation or Allergic Reaction may occur on certain skin type.


Herbal Soft Mask Herbal Soft Mask (By Kev.C)

Skin Type: For Oily to problem skin

Ingredients: Lavander, Dandelion, aloe ,licorice root, soluble natural polymer.

Effective: Better skin elasticity, kill germs, fungus, stop festering inflammation and prevent scab on face.




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