IV Therapy

IV Therapy
The Art and Science to recover and maintain the healthy body

Welcome to Universal Laser Center, our professional medical spa where through our IV Therapy, you can recover your energy with the parenteral administration of vitamin and trace mineral deficiencies or if you are in the post covid recovery phase.

This hydration therapy which lets your body acquire directly in the bloodstream, delivers fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and detoxifying agents.

IV therapy also helps as an anti-aging agent due to administering some antioxidants and replenishing certain trace elements and vitamins.

IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a medical treatment offered at Universal Laser Center, The Rejuvenation Center of Miami. This medical procedure consists of administering fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through vein channeling, which is performed after evaluation by our Nurse Practitioner.

IV therapy treatment at Universal Laser Center offers various benefits and applications, ranging from recovery after illness to revitalizing the body to increased energy and immune support. The hydration and nutrition support obtained after this therapy helps to keep the body active and with a balance of nutrients and hydration.

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Inadequate nutrition, infections, and other factors create an imbalance in the nutritional components of our body, so intravenous administration quickly supplies these deficits. Request an assessment to see if you qualify for a vitamin supplement.

IV Therapy

The human body requires nutrients to maintain metabolism efficiently, some elements such as water, vitamins, minerals are essential nutrients to be healthy and lead an active life. The amount that our body requires can be affected by several factors, including some viral infections, such as the current pandemic or improper nutritional behavior or simply insufficient absorption of some of the important nutrients.

Aging also affects absorption, and sometimes vitamins and micro-minerals supplements taken by mouth do not meet the amount the body needs.
Under certain circumstances, the best route to supply the necessary elements is intravenously (IV). the infusion is the best and fastest way to supply the deficit of these nutrients.

Schedule your appointment for an evaluation, and you will receive the treatment when you decide. Our nurse practitioner will proceed with the IV therapy treatment when you prefer. The session treatment lasts approximately one hour to an hour and a half.

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IV therapy
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We offer multiple spa services that can’t leave our customers unimpressed. Take a look at these exclusive offers!

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Fluid Microdermabrasion for exfoliate the skin

This procedure is perfect for women and men this treatment produces an exfoliation on the skin on the face that helps keep the skin smooth by polishing and eliminating dead cells. 

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Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Scar, & stretch marks

The appearance of the signs of aging causes the skin to lose its shine, blemishes and loss of skin firmness, among other signs, which is why people sometimes appear older than they really are.

Carbon Peel Laser Facial
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Laser Resurfacing, Carbon Peeling, Hair Remov

This experience feels really great after injectables or PDO lift is applied.

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Keep your nail healthy. Laser treatment will clear the infection and help clear up damaged nails. Laser light effect destroy the fungus and spore in each session.Four sessions is needed. 

Hair loss therapy is part of the Hair Restoration at Universal laser Center in Miami
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Fillers, PDO & Botulin Toxin

This procedure feels heavenly. This experience feels really great after injectables or PDO lift is applied. Fillers and botulin toxin are safety procedures and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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COVID restauration, Vitamins & Minerals

Enjoy the most amazing treatment restoration  with IV therapy. Some elements such as water, vitamins, minerals are essential nutrients to be healthy and lead an active life

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