Laser Acne Treatment

The Art and Science of Laser in the Treatment of Acne

Welcome to our Med Spa where you can find different types of treatments to reduce acne lesions according to their characteristics and diagnosis.

We use lasers and light-based devices to treat disorders related to the pilosebaceous unit structures such as the sebaceous gland, hair follicle, and sweat glands. With our certified laser professionals and the use of the correct devices, our Medspa experts work to reduce acne scarring and improve inflammatory and non-inflammatory types of acne. Make an appointment and see the great results.


inflammatory acne lesions

Acne Laser Treatment

How Laser Work

In Acne Scar

After the outbreak of acne it is common for some residual scars to appear, this type of skin lessions can be treated with a laser device with a specific wavelength. The laser light that is focused on the scar area is absorbed and the heat produced causes in response the stimulation of a healing process and the production of new tissue with new collagen and elastin fiber that contributes to reduce the scar and creating a new appearance.

Therapeutic Laser /Acne Treatment

Laser for acne

Laser technology kills acneic bacteria that causes breakouts.
Reduces inflammation of the skin and minimizes pores.

Laser treatment for acne focuses light on the top layers of your skin to break up scar tissue. At the same time, the treatment encourages new, healthy skin cells to grow and replace the scar tissue.

It makes the scars disappear and replaces them with new healthy skin.

Is It safe? If carried by a board-certified professional like the ones in Universal Laser Center is completely safe.

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Acne Laser Treatment in Skin Color

The use of the laser device for acne treatment is not for all skin types, because in some darker skin types the use of certain wavelengths in some laser devices is limited, but at Universal Laser Center we have several light-based devices that are useful for the treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. One of our Acne treatment protocols include Combined Laser treatment with the use of the NdYAG laser with the wavelength of 1064 nm combined with other procedures achieves great results in the treatment of some cases of acne.

The application of laser in the treatment of Acne, Rosacea, and the treatment for the disorders of hair follicle such as pseudofoliculitis barbae, keratosis pilaris, pilonidal sinus and others offer a great benefits for those that receive these treatments

A Consultation is required to determine the appropriate protocol for you

Skin Type and Acne Characteristics.

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This disorder is usually characterized by small, painful papules and pustules, but it may progress to scarring and keloid formation in some individuals. Laser Treatment is useful option

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It is due to an overgrowth of the epidermis (upper layers of the skin), pigment cells (melanocytes) and hair follicles.Becker’s Nevus, is treated with 6 sessions

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A high-powered laser is applied around diseased fingernails or toenails to reach a temperature that kills fungus and destroys the spores that cause nail disease.

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This condition is a common skin disorder with follicular prominence and erythema that typically affects the proximal extremities, has a high prevalence in the population, and mainly affects adolescents.

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This is a disorder characterized by multiple hairs emerging from a hyperkeratotic follicular opening, presenting as dark spiny plugs. Laser treatment is a good option to eliminate this condition.

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This condition can be treated with different lasers and IPL. At Universal Laser Center we evaluate and classify the type of rosacea and create a combined laser protocol as needed.

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