Body Contouring and Spot Fat Reduction

Localized Fat Reduction with Low Level Laser​

Laser Lipolysis or LipoLaser is a non-surgical procedure that uses low level laser therapy to treat localized fat and is not for weight loss. This procedure differs from laser-assisted liposuction that although is minimally invasive involves making a tiny incision in your skin to insert the laser applicator.

This gentle and non-invasive approach has shown promise in various medical applications, offering potential benefits for those seeking alternative treatment options. 

In this Laser  Lipolysis a laser applicator is applied on top of your skin, without incision. Applying repeated and cumulative LipoLaser treatments for four weeks of eight treatments it is possible to reduce a localized fat stain and the results increase if combined with other body treatments.

Laser Lipolysis

Lipolysis is a process your body naturally uses to break down stored fat cells into usable energy. In the realm of cosmetic treatments, this term is adopted to describe procedures that externally induce the breakdown of fat. The most notable method, LipoLaser, utilizes targeted, low-level laser energy to disrupt fat cells, causing them to release their contents, which the body then naturally metabolizes and eliminates. 

Laser Lipolysis known also as LaserLipo is a procedures that here at Universal laser Center we combine with other treatment to reduce localized fat and body contour with non-surgical treatment. LipoLaser Not to be confused with traditional liposuction, which requires surgery and significant recovery time, LipoLaser provides a non-surgical alternative that requires no incisions, causes no scarring, and has no associated downtime.

Body Treatemt



Enhancing Laser Lipolysis Results. 

Maintaining Results: Lipolysis requires a partnership between the procedure and the client’s lifestyle. Long-term success is heavily influenced by maintaining a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine. The procedure reduces fat cells in targeted areas, but without a healthy lifestyle, new fat deposits can develop.

Laser Lipolysis Synergizing with Endermologie and Vibration Platform Machines

The treatment combine with Endermologie and other techniques of lymphatic drainage improve the body treatment results. In the quest for optimal body contouring and fat reduction, the synergy between various non-invasive treatments has emerged as a revolutionary approach. While lipolysis, particularly LipoLaser, continues to gain acclaim for its effectiveness in targeted fat reduction, its combination with therapies like Endermologie and whole-body vibration (WBV) platforms are ushering in unprecedented results for clients. This comprehensive exploration focuses on how these adjunctive therapies enhance the outcomes of lipolysis, crafting a holistic approach to body aesthetics and wellness. 

Endermologie After Lipolysis.

Endermologie, known for its cellulite reduction and skin toning abilities, complements lipolysis by improving skin texture and potentially aiding in further fat loss. It uses mechanical roller massage and regulated suction to stimulate the breakdown of fat and boost collagen production. This treatment improves local blood and lymphatic circulation, helping to remove the fat substances released during the lipolysis procedure more efficiently. Clients often experience improved skin tightness and elasticity after Endermologie, which is beneficial following the fat reduction achieved through lipolysis, as it helps prevent skin sagging.

Vibration Platform Machines Post-Lipolysis.

The vibration therapy platforms stimulate muscles to contract and relax at a high frequency, potentially aiding in the burning of calories. When used after lipolysis, it can help expedite the utilization of released fatty acids as energy. Regular use of vibration platforms can lead to improved metabolism, complementing the metabolic demands for fat processing post-lipolysis. The Vibration Platform platforms contribute to better muscle tone, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of body contours post-lipolysis.


Lipolysis, particularly through LipoLaser, offers a compelling pathway to enhanced body confidence, merging convenience with technology. However, client education is key—from understanding the procedure to maintaining the results, every step is a collaborative journey between the client and practitioner. By addressing the vital considerations and nurturing a healthy lifestyle, clients can unlock the full potential of lipolysis, stepping into a world where well-being and aesthetic aspirations meet seamlessly. Remember, a confident you is the best version of you

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Endermologie treatment with Maderotherapy
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This procedure uses wooden tools to apply pressure and massage movements to the body, for body contouring or cellulite reduction.

IV therapy the treatment administering fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream
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The treatment administering fluids, vitamins, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream to reestablish your immunity and energy.

Sclerotherapy the process of laser treatment of vein disorders
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Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure in which a sclerosing agent is injected directly into a vein or lymph vessel to shrink and eventually remove it.

Massage Therapy the treatment for pain management and relaxing your body
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Special massage that leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed due to the exotic treats!

Hair loss therapy is part of the Hair Restoration at Universal laser Center in Miami
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This procedure feels heavenly. It can be ordered separately from the full body massage.

Laser Therapy for pain management at Universal Laser Center in Miami.
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Low level laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation and used as laserpuncture in smoking cessation, weight loss and hair loss treatment.