laser Nail Fungus Therapy

Get full control over nail fungus with laser treatment at Universal Laser Center. Get healthy nails in less time than ever with laser treatment.

keep your nails healthy with laser therapy

at Universal Laser Center

laser Nail Fungus Treatment

The use of lasers in the treatment of nail fungus is an effective therapy and requires at least 4 sessions. Clients will not spend more than 15 minutes per session. After the four sessions we recommend continuing the treatment once a month until the nail grows back completely.

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Wha is laser therapy

Fungal infected nails cause a disease called onychomycosis and become thickened, brittle, or broken nails. This disease also produces a cosmetic problem. The laser treatment kills the fungus and helps in a quick recovery in the appearance of the nail. At Universal Laser Center we used high-power lasers to destroy the fungus and stimulated the nail grow

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Fingernails and Toenails Fungus

Laser treatment is an effective treatment and at Universal Laser Center we have about 90% of our patients cured. The nail grows slowly and there is a growth difference between the fingernails and toenails.

Fingernails can be completely replaced in six months, while toenails need 8-12 months. The structural damage caused by the fungus does not go away, so once the fungus is destroyed, it is necessary to wait for the nails to be completely replaced.

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Healthy nails

The most effective treatment for nails infected with fungus.
Minimum four weekly sessions are required to begin, followed
by monthly maintenance.

Clinical studies show that the laser kills toenail fungus and promotes clear nail growth with a single treatment in better than 80% of cases. The laser treatment is safe, effective, and most patients improve usually after their first treatment

Keep your toenails healthy with laser therapy

It has never been easier to treat nail fungus as effective and safety

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