Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The art and science of lasers for skin rejuvenation

Welcome to our professional Medical spa where you can find any type of treatment for your specific needs or preferences! Laser technology is useful for revitalizing your skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and facial flaccidity with the stimulation of collagen production

We use different types of laser machines for specific skin types and skin conditions. With our certified professional laser and the application of specific laser protocols prepared for you, we will be able to correct or reduce your signs of aging. Make an appointment and see what it’s like to be treated like a star.

laser Skin Tightening

This is a laser treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin with minimal downtime, at least three sessions are required but it is related to the degree of aging. The treatment can be applied to the face, neck, hands, elbow and knee. It is a non ablative laser treatment

Facial Laser

acne, pores, skin

Facial laser treatment includes skin tightening and the treatment of some visible veins or broken capillaries, the treatment of acne scar. Using NdYAG 1064 nm or Alexandrite to treat also redness, acne or rosacea. This is an effective treatment to patients with diagnostic of Demodex mite.

Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon Peel Laser Facial

This treatment also call carbon laser treatment, is applied with 1064nm wavelength NdYAD devices to improve the appearance of the skin, to reduce enlarged pores, and for those with oily skin. After the treatment, the skin looks radiant and luminous. This type of treatment is suitable for all skin type. 

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In each stage of life, age shows us a different appearance, influenced by nutrition, sun exposure and other different elements that influence the conditions of the skin, and that sometimes reflects an apparent age greater than what we really have. . Laser treatments help improve appearance at younger ages

Laser Consultation

Our Professionals analyze the type of skin, the degree of aging and the type of skin problem that the client has. After the evaluation, they discuss the expectations of the patient with our treatment protocols according to the needs of the clients.

Combined Laser

Most skin problems, sun damage or signs of aging, in skin rejuvenation treatments require the use of laser and its combination with other aesthetic procedures, such as radiofrequency, IPL, Hydrafacial and others to increase the effectiveness and durability of the treatment. 

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL photo facial is non-invasive treatment to reduce signs of sun damage, pigmented lesions and some vascular conditions. After consultation the treatment protocol are suggested to the client 

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Laser Hair Removal

The use of laser for hair removal produces a permanent reduction of hair and retouching must be done at least every 6 months. With the latest technology that uses different wavelengths, the treatment is more effective and suitable for all skin types.

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Keep your face free off wrinkles and lines expression  treating with botulinum toxin that temporarily reduces or eliminates facial fine lines and wrinkles. The application of botulinum toxin is one of the best procedures to prevent the future lines expression or disminish the wrinkle at movement 

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The most effective treatment for nails infected with fungus.
Minimum four weekly sessions are required to begin, followed by monthly maintenance. A high-powered laser is applied around diseased fingernails or toenails to reach a temperature that kills fungus and destroys the spores that cause nail disease.

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Laser resurfacing is suitable for lightly skin that includes Fitzpatrick classification I-III. For other skin types we use others lasers treatment or radio frequency microneedling. For  skin colors  we uses other laser devices with different protocols.

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Filler makes the skin firmer, smoother and younger, as well as restoring volume and fullness to the skin. The use of hyaluronic acid allows to increase the volume of the lips or change the shape of the nose or chin, in addition to filling the cheek if necessary.

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The human body requires nutrients to maintain metabolism efficiently, some elements such as water, vitamins, minerals are essential nutrients to be healthy and lead an active life. The amount that our body requires can be affected by several factors, including some viral infections, such as the current pandemic or improper nutritional behavior or simply insufficient absorption of some of the important nutrients.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The variety of our technology laser is useful for revitalizing your skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and facial flaccidity with the stimulation of collagen production

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