Laser Skin Therapy

The use of Laser and Light Based devices to Treat some Skin Problems

Welcome to Universal Laser Center, the Medical Spa where you can find any treatment for different skin conditions. Laser skin therapy, performed by our nurse practitioners, treats those skin conditions proven to be corrected by laser treatment. Before the consultation, our professionals offer you the treatment protocols for some skin disorders or your specific needs or preferences! These laser treatments include some dermatological conditions related to the hair follicle, nails, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands, causing health problems and cosmetics.

Laser Skin Therapy is the perforce treatment for some kinds of skin Inflammation, conditions associated with abnormal hair growth, either congenital or post-surgical, and other disorders, such as excessive sweating, rhinophyma, acne, rosacea, and others, are also included.

Laser Treatments for Skin Conditions

Laser Skin Therapy is the laser application in treating some skin conditions such as  Acne, Rosacea, and disorders of hair follicles such as pseudofolliculitis barbae, keratosis pilaris, and pilonidal sinus have good results. The treatment of nail fungus therapy and the application of therapeutic laser or cold laser for pain management and laser puncture have excellent results.

Skin Conditions to Treat with Laser Skin Therapy

A high-powered laser is applied around diseased fingernails or toenails to reach a temperature that kills fungus and destroys the spores that cause nail disease.

Laser treatment can help to reduce the acne scar and the inflammatory response. We combined laser treatment with another procedure to reduces acne breakout and scar


This condition can be treated with different lasers and IPL. At Universal Laser Center we evaluate and classify the type of rosacea and create a combined laser protocol as needed.

Laser Skin Therapy in Miami, Florida
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Book an Appointment for Evaluation and Treatment of your Skin Condition

A pre-treatment evaluation is required to determine if the applicant’s skin disorder or condition is within the parameters to be treated at this Medical Spa.

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Laser for some Skin Disorders

Some skin conditions present in our population can be cured or controlled with laser treatment or IPL. Below are some of these conditions that we treat Here! at Universal Laser Center.

Skin Condition related to Hair Follicle


Folliculitis is a fairly common condition; it’s the inflammation of the hair follicle. It can occur anywhere you grow hair, and it can be caused by a number of things: the friction from your clothes, waxing, or shaving.

Pseudo Foliculits Barbae

This disorder is usually characterized by small, painful papules and pustules, but it may progress to scarring and keloid formation in some individuals. Laser Treatment is useful option

Keratosis Pilaris

This condition is a common skin disorder with follicular prominence and erythema that typically affects the proximal extremities, has a high prevalence in the population, and mainly affects adolescents.

Trichostasis Spinulosa

This is a disorder characterized by multiple hairs emerging from a hyperkeratotic follicular opening, presenting as dark spiny plugs. Laser treatment is a good option to eliminate this condition.

Becker's Nevus

It is due to an overgrowth of the epidermis (upper layers of the skin), pigment cells (melanocytes) and hair follicles.Becker’s Nevus, is treated with 6 sessions

Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal disease is a chronic skin infection in the crease of the buttocks near the coccyx (tailbone).Pilonidal cysts usually occur when hair punctures the skin and then becomes embedded.

Skin Condition related to Sweet Glands


This is a chronic inflammatory condition of the hair follicle, which can be present in the armpit, inguinoperineal, as well as in other areas where the hair follicle with apocrine sweat glands are distributed. Laser Treatment can help destroying the hair follicle.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Significant subjective and objective improvement in sweating was observed with monthly sessions of laser technique.

Others Skin problem related to vascular


Telangiectasia, broken capillaries, or dilated veins are abnormal dilations of the terminal vascular structure just below the surface of the skin. Laser or IPL treatment removes this lesion by cauterization and it is reabsorbed by the body.


This is a skin disorder that affects the nose and can be considered a manifestation of rosacea. The nose appears red, enlarged and may be deformed. Laser procedures and other techniques can help with this condition.

Poikiloderma Civatte

This is a benign skin condition characterized by erythematous to brownish patches consisting of superficial atrophy, telangiectasia, and mottled hyperpigmentation seen mainly on the sides of the neck and peripheral face

Skin Problem related with microorganism

Skin tags, Moles and Warts

Our laser machines Erbium laser, Carbon dioxide lasers, and Q-switched lasers are well effective in the treatment of these conditions. The use of lasers is a non-surgical alternative with the ability to remove any of these lesions with precision and with little or no scarring, a pre-assessment should be done before scheduling a treatment session.

Demodex-associated infestation

Demodex mites are a type of microorganism that are normally found on the face, but when the density increases, some lesions appear on the skin. Laser treatments destroy mites within hair follicles and sebaceous glands, and lesions are removed.

Skin Conditions related to Pigmented Lesions


Laser therapies result in almost complete removal of the pigment in argyria and produce skin discoloration that can be treated with lasers. At Universal Laser Center we have the appropriate laser machines to treat this skin condition. Our laser devices include 1064nm long pulse NdYag, Q-Switched and Picolaser. In addition, our 755nm alexandrite laser devices are also a good treatment option for Argyria.

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Our Services

We offer multiple spa services including cosmetic laser and therapeutic laser treatments that cannot leave our clients unimpressed. Take a look at these exclusive treatments!

underarms Laser Hair Removal in Miami is provided for all skin types, for men and women, with the latest laser technologies
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 This treatment produces a permanent hair reduction of unwanted hair and helps your skin become smooth and youthful.These procedures are perfect for women and men. A first consultation is required to find out what the condition is and decide what is the treatment and the recommended machine appropriate for each person 

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At Universal Laser Center we use the ablative laser devices, known as erbium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Erbium: YAG) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which smooth the skin by inducing dermal remodeling. Laser resurfacing is suitable for lightly skin that includes Fitzpatrick classification I-III.

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This treatment is perfect for those who suffer from pain in specific sessions of the body. In a simple, non invasive, process, this pain management treatment can get rid of years of pain quickly

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The variety of our technology laser is useful for revitalizing your skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and facial flaccidity with the stimulation of collagen production

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At Universal Laser Center we use two different laser technology to remove tattoo pigments. The development of new laser technologies with short pulses such as Q-switched lasers and picosenconds,

Full Brazilian laser treatment is a hair removal package offering by Universal Laser Center of Miami
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This is a new procedure that is popular among women who like to experiment. Sexual health is sometimes affected by the natural evolution of our body, as it happens in the perimenopausal period with the lack of estrogen that can cause alterations in vaginal elasticity, humidity, tissue integrity and pH levels

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